PT. Sinar Mandiri TunggalPT. Sinar Mandiri Tunggal are distributor of Monier roofing tiles and accessories. Tiles from Monier offer long-lasting beauty. They are durable and of the highest quality- well suited for the new build sector, re-roofing and roof refurbishing, as well as for roof extensions and conversions. Combined with components from Monier, they give an attractive appearance to highly functional roof systems.

Lightweight steel roof specification is as follows:
Easy installation.
– No effect on climate change.
Practical, durable and strong.
Resistant to water.
Resistant to fire.
– No rusty and moldy
Anti Termite
Not brittle and broken.

  • Exel Roofing Series

    • Genteng Exel
    • Exel Ridge
    • Exel Ridge End
    • Exel Starter
    • Exel Verge
    • Exel Verge End
  • Other Roofing Series

    • Nova Palace
    • Nova Royal
    • New Elabana
    • Centurion
  • Accessories

    • Aluminium Foil Single Sided
    • Vee Ridge
    • Cap Ridge
    • 2 way ridge cap
    • Vee Starter
    • Cap Starter
    • 3 way vee apex
    • 3 way cap apex
    • 4 way vee apex
    • 4 way cap apex
    • Verge


Project PKP

Project Villa Panbil